New York State of Mind: Legacy is on the line for history-maker Frampton

“I’m a man on a mission. This is a chance to put my name down in history and become a two-weight world champion from Ireland. This fight is huge for me because I really want to create a legacy. I know how people talk, and I think people will be talking about this for a very long time.

I want people to remember me as a great fighter, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.”


Retiral of the Mack: Matthew Macklin hangs up his gloves

Clad in the blue and gold of his native Premier County, Matthew Macklin soon made it clear that GAA HQ was a press conference venue very much settled upon by design.

“For me, performing in Croke Park has always been the ultimate dream” said the one-time Tipperary hurling prospect during a media junket in summer 2014.

One Year On: Mayweather vs Pacquiao

A (NOT SO) learned sage once altered the expression “it’s better late than never” by including the addendum “but never late is better”.

While Canadian rapper Drake is unlikely to be confused with Aristotle any time soon, there is a profoundness about that particular lyric. In fact, so applicable is it to the belated meeting between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao that it might as well have been the blurb on the fight poster.

Kenny Egan: ‘Katie still the one to beat’

It’s been a week of highs and lows for Irish boxing, from Katie Taylor’s loss on Friday to wins for Brendan Irvine & David Oliver Joyce. Ronan Mullen caught up with former Olympic silver medalist, Kenny Egan, to assess Team Ireland’s chances heading into the Rio games this summer.

Anthony Joshua: The Baddest Man on the Planet

British sport has never been averse to a succession plan. Barely had its public reconciled Ross Barkley’s coronation as ‘the next Steven Gerrard’ than had Deli Alli emerged as ‘the next Ross Barkley’. Dealing in comparisons is only natural, though. ‘Success’ has always been a relative term. And yet, our keenness to seek out yardsticks…

Making Haye: Former Champ has his eyes on the prize

While Sky channel 111 has long since catered to those yearning for a time when Jeremy Clarkson was still employed, its synonymy with the world of elite sports is rather less pronounced. Indeed, nocturnal airings of Takeshi’s Castle and Gladiators represent the height of the station’s athletic focus to date. As such, last week’s announcement that DAVE, the…

Inside The Vault #1: Hamed vs Kelley (December 1997)

‘Inside The Vault’ looks back at moments in history which shook the sporting landscape. In our first edition, Ronan Mullen marks the 18th anniversary of Prince Naseem Hamed’s American debut against the great Kevin Kelley. ‘If ego was a crime, the Prince would be on death row.’ remarked HBO’s Larry Merchant. The fact that the legendary announcer…